【Fambily Groovey Selection】Crush「Work Your Soul」& DJ Joymen 「Medicine Flow」入荷しました

アーティスト名:Crush and DJ Joymen
タイトル:Fambily Groovy Selection(2 MixCD)

レゲエを軸にグッドミュージックを追い求める大阪のレーベルFambilyから実力者2人のスプリットミックスCDがリリース!!ジャマイカに渡り腕を磨き、イギリスの「Global Gold Cup Sound Splash」(99年)で日本人初の世界一に輝いたCrush氏と、活動の拠点を東京から大阪へ移し、ヒップホップマナーな7inchオンリーのプレイでパーティーをロックし続けているDJ Joymenの2人の指黒DJによる濃厚ミックス!!使用音源は勿論全てアナログ!!レゲエを軸にソウルやファンク、ディスコを絶妙に織り交ぜたCrushサイド、ソウル/ファンクは勿論、レゲエ/ダブをも2枚使いで聴かせるDJ Joymenサイド、共に熟練の技が光る!!愛聴盤になる事請け合いの1枚です!!

Crush / Work Your Soul
1.Intro – Waiting For The Bus To Leave In Jamaica
2.Clarence Reid / Nobody But You Babe
3.Bobby Rush / Mary Jane
4.H2Q / Medusa
5.I Roy / Sidewalk Killer
6.Phylis Dillon / Woman Of The Ghetto
7.The Marvels / Rock Steady
8.African Music Machine / Black Water Gold(Part1)
9.Lee Arab / Now
10.Sound Dimention / Federated Backdrop
11.Lloyd Williams / Reggae Feet
12.Prince Buster All Stars / Alley Shuffle
13.Prince Buster All Stars / Seven Wonders Of The World
14.The Upsetter / Jungle Lion
15.Al Green / Love & Happiness
16.Otis Gayle / I’ll Be Around
17.Frankie Paul / Caroline
18.The Temptations / Born To Love You
19.King Sporty / Dancing Mood
20.Patsy with Lyn Taitt & The Jets / A Man Is Two Faced
21.Lloyd & Glen / Minnie Skirts & Go Go Boots
22.James Brown / Our Day Will Come
23.Tommy McCook / Work Your Soul
24.Mexicanos / Street Dance(Hustle)
25.Yambu / Sunny
26.Kabbala / Ashewo Ara
27.Leila Duchesne / What They’re Doin’ Down Jamaica Way

DJ Joymen / Medicine FLow
1.Connie Price & The Keystones / Sweet Soul Music
2.Blundetto / Nautilus
3.Karime Kendra / 90% Of Me Is You
4.Mudies All Stars / Jungle Feeling
5.J Dilla / Think Twice
6.Hopetone Lewis & Hugh Roy / Tom Drunk
7.Chocolate Milk / Action Speaks Louder Than Words
8.TNTH / Disaster
9.DJ Dez / Brain
10.Menahan Street Band / Make The Road By Walking
11.Consumer Rapport / Go On With You Badself
12.Meters / Hand Clapping Song
13.Augustus Pablo / East Of The River Nile
14.Roy Richards & The Soul Venders / Summer Time
15.Latimore / Sweet Vibrations
16.Tommy Mccok / Tunnel One
17.Freddie Scott / You Got What I Need
18.Jo Jo Bannett / Ten Steps To Soul
19.Madlib / Chops & Thangs
20.Matata / Wanna Do My Thing
21.Ikebe Shakedown / Tujunga
22.Manu Dibango / Soul Makossa
23.Marva Whitney / It’s My Thing
24.James Brown / Ain’t It Funky Now

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