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レコード放出 7月27日(土) Disco LP/12inch 約100枚

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Billy Griffin / Hold Me Tighter In The Rain(12)
大名曲!! Promo Only US12inch!!

Patti Labelle / The Spirit’s In It(12)
ガラージクラシック!! Promo Only US12inch!!

John Tropea / Livin’ In The Jungle(12)
激渋!! White Promo!!

Khemistry / I Can’t Lose With The Stuff I Use(12)
Great Boogi!! Hard To Get

Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie / Hot Butterfly(12)
8:22 Special Disco Re-Mix Version!!! b/w Fess Up To The Boogie

Arnie’s Love / I’m Out Of Your Life(12)
Urban Dancer Classic!!

Funky Bureau / Clap Your Hands Together 92(12)
Japanese Disco Classic!!

Alton McClain & Destiny / Crazy Love(12)
Dance Classic!! White Promo!!

Crusaders / Street Life(12)
Disco Classic!! White Promo


Prince / S.T.(LP)
Super Classic!! 2nd press

First Love / Love At First Sight(LP)
Great Chicago Boogie!!

Tomorrow’s Edition / A Song For Everyone(LP)
Great Boogie!!

Carol Douglas / Love Zone(LP)
Great Modern Disco!!

Kid Creole & The Coconuts / I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby(12)
Dance Classic!! Promo Only US12inch!!

Enchantment / Utopia(LP)
Great Boogie!!

Kleeer / Intimate Connection(LP)
Modern Disco Classic!!

William DeVaughn / Be Thankful For What You Got(12)
1980 New Version!! b/w Captain Sky / Jam A Lot

Taana Gardner / S.T. (2LP)
Promo Only W-Pack!! Garage Classic!!